Is Obama Dumb? Three Data Points to Consider.

Point one: When President Obama introduced his new economic adviser today, he spoke for three minutes. He only spoke on the one subject, the economy and this new adviser’s credentials.


The president needed two teleprompters to pull off this one-note, three-minute speech. What person in public life needs a teleprompter just to introduce someone else?

Point two: Obama’s speeches score lower in their content reading level than any other modern president. The words tend to be small, and the sentence structures simple. Obama doesn’t write these speeches entirely, of course, but they are supposed to represent his thinking and are crafted to suit his delivery style.

Point three: Obama himself is a terrible writer. Read Jack Cashill’s post at that link. It’s convincing, and the letter Jack writes about isn’t from fairly early in Obama’s life, but when he was already editor of Harvard Law Review. There are a couple of things in Jack’s post that jump out, to me. One is that many of Obama’s sentences are muddled messes. The other is that Obama’s extemporaneous speaking sounds very similar to the muddled sentences he wrote as a young man. The ideology is certainly the same.

The obvious counter point to this is that Obama has written two books and they’re fine. The counter to that is that he wrote two books about himself, he had a lot of time, and those books went through a publisher’s editorial process to clean them up. The letter in Cashill’s post is straight from Obama’s typewriter.

None of these points by themselves prove that Barack Obama is as dumb as a bag of hammers. I know more than a few people I would consider intelligent to brilliant who are either not very good writers or are even pretty bad writers. Their intelligence manifests itself in other ways, to the point that it’s too obvious to wonder about. They may not write well but they speak in paragraphs, and the choices they make show their smarts clearly enough. Obama might keep his speeches simple so that they will connect with a broader slice of Americans. And he might have trouble memorizing things too, which could account for his use of a teleprompter even in such a brief, one-topic speech.


But the three taken together suggest that Barack Obama actually does not think very deeply, does not retain information very well or for very long, and cannot form the ideas he does believe into coherent, grammatically-correct sentences. For a fourth point, consider that he hardly ever shows any real curiosity or passion about much and has not shown any ability to process new information or change his mind about anything, and you have ample evidence that Barack Obama is quite average, and possibly below average.



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