The Real Enemies are Too Scary for Rep. Frederica Wilson

One must wonder what world Progressives live in.  Blind to the realities of totalitarian regimes, insulated from concepts of forced female circumcision, stoning of women who are “judged” to be guilty of whatever crime their Sharia compliant husband or father (or, in this case, just some guys) says they are guilty of, or dissidents thrown in Chinese jails for using the Internet.


Now, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) joins these ranks.  At a jobs fair in Miami, Wilson stated her reason for high unemployment across the nation:

“Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party — the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage. They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president,”

How outrageous, and foolhardy, for Rep. Wilson to blame the unemployment rate on the Tea Party. It’s third rate pandering, and unseemly for a member of Congress.  However, it seems that Rep. Wilson has to open her eyes to two important realities.  First, there are many who want Obama to be a one-term President.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is contemplating a primary challengeThe Daily Beast (far from a right-side-of-the-aisle website) ran a story about Obama being weak, and wishing that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was president.  Specifically, they highlighted this quote:

Among Clinton fans, particularly older women, the language was frequently far more caustic. “Obama has no spine and no balls,” said a 67-year-old New Yorker.

This is not the Tea Party, this is Rep. Wilson’s own Progressive Party.  But it is the second reality that is most important.  Rep. Wilson’s ignorance of real enemies is a slap in the face to those who serve in uniform – past and present.  It is a hateful assault on those who believe the Constitution is what makes us great, not an impediment to greatness, like President Obama.  Like Vice-President Joe Biden concurring with House Democrats who call members of the Tea Party “terrorists,” though terrorism (according the Department of Homeland Security) has been renamed “man-made disasters.


So, for Rep. Wilson’s edification, here is a partial list of the real enemies of America, and of all humanity:

Al Qaeda, malaria, Statism, Hugo Chavez, terrorists, Mahmood Ahmendinejad, Communism, Bashar Al-Assad, actual racism, Hamas, Hezbollah, Somali pirates, Ayman al-Zawahri, rapists, child pornographers, illegal invaders, H1N1….

More can be added to the list, but Tea Party is no where to be found.  By adding it for the sake of cheap applause, Rep. Wilson added one more to the list of real enemies of America, and of all humanity:



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