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Yet More Proof the NYT is Full of Poo...

So earlier this week I disected a New York Times piece in which one Mr. Eric Lichtblau tore into Rep. Darrell Issa, making many spurious and easily refuted claims. Most of them would have been pretty damning had they been true, one at least was pretty funny and was in the opening line where Lichtblau mentioned Issa’s “Gleaming office building overlooking a golf course.” Well, it doesn’t, and I sent an email to Lichtblau asking him if he’d issue a correction:

So tell me sir, how do you justify the opening line in your piece, claiming Mr. Issa’s office overlooks a golf course, when 30 seconds on Google Maps would show you that golf course is a freeway and the “gleaming office building” is an ugly four story concrete and glass box?

We all get it wrong from time to time, and the honorable thing to do in such cases is to issue a correction and apology. Will you now do so sir?


Patrick Richardson

So far, no response. Big surprise.

Even more interesting, Issa’s office has now issued a formal request for a retraction, citing 13 glaring errors in the hit-piece Lichtblau is standing behind.

And yet more fun, one of the things Lichtblau claimed was Issa went easy on Toyota because his company was a major supplier to Toyota — a claim Issa denied.

Well, so does Toyota.

According to a release from the Heritage Foundation, Toyota said:

“DEI Holdings is not a direct supplier of Toyota, however, it is possible that Toyota dealers procure their products,” spokeswoman Carly Schaffner said. “As independent business owners, Toyota dealers make available to their customers a variety of aftermarket products to enhance their automotive ownership experience.”

It’s obvious this is not about investigating real corruption, it’s all about taking down a man who is scaring the administration silly.