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Perry Positioned to Pop MSM's Global Warming Bubble

Mainstream Media types were apparently giddy to hear Texas Gov. Rick Perry proclaim the theory behind global warming is unproven.

What a maroon, as Bugs Bunny might say.


The press’ unyielding allegiance to global warming theories in the face of one discrediting report atop another has been apparent for years. That means the general public is too often shielded from such news and must rely on the likes of former VP – and energy black hole – Al Gore for help.

That’s why Perry’s recent statements are so important. But it’s only a first step. The plain-spoken governor must cite the specific flaws in global warming theories, point to hoaxes within the movement and speak out on the “hide the decline” scandal that got scrubbed clean by the press.

Reporters will be eager to paint Perry as anti-science, so they’ll keep quoting every syllable he says on the matter. It’s the best chance the public has of hearing what many conservatives already know about the global warming moment. It’s full of mostly hot air.

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