More Fast and Furious Guns Appear in U.S. Crime Scenes

I’ve written before about the case for impeaching Eric Holder due to his Department of Justice’s Fast and Furious scandal. The LA Times just published that more Fast and Furious firearms have shown up at 11 American violent crime scenes, including “Phoenix, Nogales, Douglas and Glendale in Arizona, and in El Paso.”


From their story:

[A]s early as January 2010, just after the operation began, weapons had turned up at crime scenes in Phoenix, Nogales, Douglas and Glendale in Arizona, and in El Paso. The largest haul was 40 weapons at one crime scene in El Paso…

In all, 57 of the operation’s weapons were recovered at those six crime scenes, in addition to the two seized where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed.

The DOJ still wants to throw ATF acting chief Kenneth E. Melson under the bus. Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich sent a letter to Patrick Leahy and Charles Grassley of the Senate Judiciary Committee, fingering Melson for knowing about Fast and Furious shortly after its 2009 kick-off.

Melson has told congressional investigators that he learned how the program operated in the field only after it was shut down in January.


But Weich wrote that the ATF had advised Justice Department officials that Melson “likely became aware on or about Dec. 9, 2009, as part of a briefing following a seizure of weapons in Douglas, Ariz.”

Hopefully, as the players continue to backstab and roll over on each other, the entire house of cards will collapse. In any case, here’s 57 more data points on DOJ malfeasance. The most important question now: When is Congress going to start impeachment proceedings on Holder?


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