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Rep. Ron Paul in Ames (Update: Interview Added)

Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke to a small group of supporters and press in Ames, Iowa in preparation for the Iowa Straw Poll, taking place on Saturday, August 13th.

His remarks covered a myriad of subjects – economy, foreign policy, monetary policy, the TSA, government over reach and education.  He said of education, to thunderous applause, “I don’t even believe in the Department of Education.”  On foreign policy, he blasted President Obama for being involved in “five wars,” and reminded the crowd that it was Afghanistan that “did in” the Russians.  Paul also advocated for the United States leaving the United Nations.

Specifically, I was able to ask Rep. Paul about his foreign policy stance, asking if it was “Constitutional,” or, rather, “Isolationist,” as well as a question about Israel and the White House. We will post it here once it is available.  Be sure to check PJTV for the latest news from the Straw Poll, and “Like” our Facebook page for exclusive behind the scenes photos.

Update: Here is my interview with Rep. Paul.