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Eric Holder vs. Winston Churchill and Mob Violence

Everyone is familiar with the Justice Department’s corrupt dismissal of the New Black Panther case.  But the hostility toward race neutral law enforcement at the Civil Rights Division goes well beyond the voting case involving the panthers. Sometimes it involves violence.

I have this piece today discussing statements made by Mark Kappelhoff, chief of the criminal section at DOJ and reported here at Pajamas in the sworn testimony of Christopher Coates.  Kappelhoff complained that the voting section’s lawsuits to protect white voters were causing enormous problems with the civil rights groups like the NAACP.  A meaningless comment, you might presume?  Actually no.  Kappelhoff’s shop has jurisdiction over racially motivated violence (which is a federal crime).  Guess what Kappelhoff’s criminal section has done about violent racially motivated beatings against whites across the country?  Absolutely nothing, and I cover it in this article about the Mob in London, Milwaukee, California (PA) and Akron.  Nobody has yet covered this dangerous trend of Holder’s Civil Rights Division using 18 U.S.C. 249 to protect everyone but white victims of violence.

In researching the story, I found this spectacular quote worth mentioning (in context) here:

Perhaps the civilized will outnumber the uncivilized. Or, perhaps the burning and looting provides instead a preview of our future.

Sir Winston Churchill understood this. “Civilization will not last,” he said at the University of Bristol in 1938, “freedom will not survive, peace will not be kept, unless a very large majority of mankind unite together to defend them and show themselves possessed of a constabulary power before which barbaric and atavistic forces will stand in awe.”

That we have a President that contemptuously expelled this great man’s bust from the Oval Office only increases our task.