The PJ Tatler

Questions for the Day

  1. Liberals tend to focus on the employer side of illegal immigration, arguing that businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens should face stiff sanctions and even jail time. Fair enough. So in the wake of news that both the New York Times and the Washington Post employed illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas, why aren’t liberals calling for arrests at those two newspapers? And why hasn’t the Obama administration moved against those papers? Why is Vargas still in the United States? Has he been allowed to remain in the US, illegally, because he has become an advocate for liberal politics?
  2. A heavy majority of Americans call ourselves Christians. A majority of Americans opposes ObamaCare. Yet in the current environment, majority rule is violated in both cases: The Air Force recently yanked a curriculum that taught Christian just war theory because some atheists complained about it; and ObamaCare remains the law of the land despite majority opposition at the time it was passed and now. Why is this happening, and in what sense do we remain a free country when the majority has little or no say in what is going on?