Don't Read This if You Have Obama-Induced Irritation Syndrome



Wow!  Talk about sensitivity training.  I have two candidates for it (pictured above), as well as their staffs of hundreds, led by Obama 2012 Deep Strategic Thinker Himself, David Axelrod. Tickets are a mere $35,800 a piece.  That’s PR savvy for you in a recession.  Gee, if we were in a Depression, the tix would probably cost $100,000 each, just to rub it in a little more.


Did no one close to the President mention the name Nero?

What a wonderful time to charge $10,000 for a glorious photograph of your own dear self with The One—a treasure of a lifetime, guaranteed to bring you as much as 25 cents on eBay should you ever find yourself in hard times—kind of like, well, the whole country is in now.

I mention, by way of warning, not to read further if you’re suffering from Obama-Induced Irritation Syndrome (OIIS), as discussed in my weekly PJM Advice column:

Yes, it’s Presidential Birthday Time, and with the ink still drying on the President’s signature on the debt deal, helicopters can be heard circling the Chicago lakefront in preparation for the landing of Air Force One—paid for by you and me.  And what a gala occasion it will be, what with Dreamgirls’ Jennifer Hudson singing away and Herbie Hancock also on the program.


As London’s Daily Mail reports:

Tickets for the fundraising dinner cost an astonishing $35,800 a person. Additional contributions of $50 will gain entry to the concert with limited seating, while $1,000 donors receive ‘premium’ seats for President Obama’s birthday.

Nero,  the Roman Emperor who fiddled while Rome burned, certainly seems alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Party on, Barry.  Don’t worry about how it will look.  Just fill those coffers.

Won’t help, though.  We’re all onto you now.


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