Great News: Pelosi Already Plotting to Shackle the 'Super Congress' and Its Ability to Enact Entitlement Reform

Yeah. That ‘Super Congress’ was such a super idea.

At a pre-recess press conference Tuesday afternoon, TPM asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) whether the people she appoints to the committee will make the same stand she made during the debt limit fight — that entitlement benefits — as opposed to provider payments, waste and other Medicare spending — should be off limits.

In short, yes.

“That is a priority for us,” Pelosi said. “But let me say it is more than a priority – it is a value… it’s an ethic for the American people. It is one that all of the members of our caucus share. So that I know that whoever’s at that table will be someone who will fight to protect those benefits.”


Pelosi gets three members, Reid gets three, Boehner gets three and McConnell gets three. One Scott Brown or Maine sister on that committee and it’s tilted to the left, while we know that no so-called “Blue Dog” will do anything the Democrat leadership won’t allow them to do.


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