How to Win the Gun Control Debate

Charles Heller, Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, has penned an excellent example of how to beat gun banners at their own game.


In response to a Brady droid’s attempt to once again label Liberty lovers as “fanatics,” Heller explains why anti-rights proponents are the true fanatics. Using their criteria against them is an art worth learning.

Herein lies today’s lesson.

Some readers may wonder why PJM publishes articles that seem nothing more than preaching to the choir. For example, perusing the comments after my report on how the CDC manipulates their own data to promote gun control, it’s clear that many readers already didn’t trust the CDC.

We don’t necessarily write for you, but for your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. The greatest action you can take in defense of Liberty may be communicating this information to others.

I met public policy analyst Barry Klein at last fall’s GOP Liberty Caucus. Klein presented research on how to take beliefs once considered fringe and mainstream them. His research indicates that as little as 10% of the population, if sincere and committed, can sway public opinion.

The key is in seeding the population with “influence points.” These points are you. You are the link between truth and victory.


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