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Adding a vote

Frankly, I wasn’t going to CPAC anyway, but I didn’t want to simply leave a “me too” on Roger’s post.  I want to make it completely clear that I fully agree with, associate myself with, and support Roger L. Simon’s and Andrew Breitbart’s decision to skip CPAC this year due to the “get back in the closet” status accorded GOProud.

Having looked at some of the comments already posted, I want to preemptively respond to some of the arguments already coming up.

  • No, I don’t consider “GOProud members can attend but GOProud can’t sponsor” as adequately inclusive.
  • I don’t consider homosexuality as a “sexual perversion.”  All evidence suggests that sexual orientation is a spectrum of behaviors, and that sexual behavior between members of the same sex is common among many species. Frankly, if God disapproves of homosexuality, why’d It make queer penguins? Arguments based on the notion that homosexuality is perverse should be taken down the hall, I’m not interested.
  • Yes, I do think the increasingly authoritarian, cynical cronyism — hell, frank Perónismo fascism — of the current administration is the most important problem for conservatives and libertarians to confront.  For that reason if no other, I’d oppose this divisive and counter-productive position.