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Confessed Ft. Hood Terrorist Defiant, Gives Shout-Out to Hassan

Nasser Abdo, the terrorist stopped this week by alert gun store owners before he could copy-cat attack Ft. Hood, made his first court appearance today.

Federal prosecutors formally charged an AWOL army soldier with “possession of an unregistered destructive device” in an alleged plot to set off two bombs at a popular restaurant in Killeen, Texas, that is frequently patronized by soldiers stationed at nearby Ft. Hood.

At a hearing Friday in U.S. District Court in Waco, the 21-year-old Naser Jason Abdo, an army private and converted Muslim, refused to stand and, as he was being ushered away, yelled out “Nidal Hasan Ft. Hood 2009!” It was a defiant reference to the army major and psychiatrist who is charged will killing 13 people in a rampage at the base in 2009.

Abdo joined the US military just a little over two years ago, and several years into our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shortly after joining, he filed for conscientious objector status, aligned himself with the anti-war movement, and became a cable news celebrity.

Is there any reason to think that he joined the military for any purpose other than to undermine and perhaps attack it from within? Is there any reason to doubt that jihad was his motivation from day one?

(hat tip Libertarian Republican, who has more on Abdo)