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Cummings Busy Covering for Top ATF, DOJ Brass

From House Oversight on Fast and Furious:

Congressman Elijah Cummings guided witnesses in order to get on the record that top government officials never knew about Gunwalker.

ATF Special Agent Newell said there “should have been more risk assessment.” He accepted “full responsibility.”

Cummings: If they had known then what they know now, they wouldn’t have gone through with Gunwalker; this was more an “error of omission.”

Rep Gowdy asked what the penalty was for 924(c) violations. Proscribes use of firearm during drug offense. First violation 5 years, subsequent violations higher.

Penalty for a Title 18, Section 924(e) violation is up to life. (Three previous convictions by any court referred to in section 922(g) or firearms trafficking.)

Gowdy’s questioning was aimed at allegations that ATF hasn’t the legal clout to go after firearms traffickers, especially in this case where drug cartels are involved.

Under Rep Issa’s questioning, ATF Special Agent Canino said there’s plenty of gun laws.