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Video: Dem. Rep. Gary Ackerman PROVES that Global Warming is Real!

Via Yid with Lid, Ackerman (D-NY) delivered the coup de grace to us deniers during House testimony Thursday. Brace yourselves and gird your loins, Ackerman’s proof positive comes at about 1:10 into this clip.

“Go out and say that there is no global climate change, and you know, I’m not gonna cite the anecdotal evidence. Just walk out the street and your glasses are gonna fog up today.

Rep. Ackerman has just found evidence that air conditioning works, not that the world is getting warmer.

Bonus: Ackerman evidently thought his commentary was so incisive that he posted that clip to his own YouTube feed. In reality, it’s in the same ballpark as the Democrat who feared that if you put too many people on Guam, it would capsize.

Why are Democrats so dumb?