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Mr. Problem Solver Arrives to Denouce the Problem, Offer No Solutions

President Obama just spared a few minutes from his empty schedule to tell “both sides” to stop the “political posturing” and hammer out a deal on the debt ceiling. And then the Problem Creator in Chief tried to dash out before answering any questions. Reporters broke Jay Carney’s recently announced rule not to yell questions at the president, and he had to briefly answer a couple.

But this “both sides” and “political posturing” rhetoric is about as disingenuous as it gets. He is the president. He’s on a “side” that’s deeply engaged in cynical posturing over this very issue. His own failure to lead has provoked the debt ceiling crisis. The attempt to cast himself as the man above the political fray is as hollow as a diving bell.

More here: Obama did manage to take credit for and throw his support behind the “Gang of Six” proposal.