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'Religion Without a Godhead:' Today's Food Fetishists

At Just One Minute today, poster Thomas Collins observed:

Today I was in a Whole Foods grocery store. There was a sign advising folks buying organic coffee to grind the coffee at home, because the Whole Foods coffee grinders accommodate both organic and non-organic coffee. The sign also cautioned organic veggie and fruit buyers to put their organic stuff in separate bags. Now, Whole Foods seems to me to be a pretty savvy, customer oriented chain. From this sign, I conclude that there are significant numbers of people who can’t bear the thought that their organic coffee and arugula may have touched something non-organic. There were also signs that some of the meat had been grass fed, whatever that is supposed to do.

Another Just One Minute poster, Matt, captured my feelings on this nonsense  exactly:

The new fetish is basically religion without a Godhead; a squishy I’m okay, you’re not okay unless you observe exactly the same rituals that I do.

These are the same people who cannot make the intellectual jump from cross bred foods, fruits, and vegetables to GM. They get sucked into a vortex of fear and confusion out of ignorance.

It’s okay in that religion to create human body parts hosted by swine or grown from stem cells, but Gaia forbid you get your pure, organically and sustainably grown family farm hydroponic arugula anywhere near the Wonder Bread.