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Comment of the Day: The Left Wants to Turn Us into Ants



This was a great comment, from my post at PJ Lifestyle about Mila Kunis saying about casual sex,

“It’s like communism—good in theory, in execution it fails.”

The predictable response from many traditional conservatives was “The theory isn’t great either!” Yawn. Well yeah, but that’s kind of missing the forest for the trees. This response was PERFECT:

Oh, the theory is great. The problem is that the theory assumes things about human nature that are not true.
That said, you can see successful communism – just look at any ant hill or bee hive.

This is ultimately what leftism is: a devolution backwards to our most primitive roots.

Note to self: need to finish reading Ann Coulter’s Demonic. Seem to think it has something to say about this subject.

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