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Soros funded Brennan Center for Justice fights Ohio Voter ID

It is always a thrill to watch the Soros funded voter fraud deniers at the Brennan Center for Justice oppose public policies supported by 75 percent of the American people, namely photo voter identification.  The latest appearance of the voter fraud deniers at Brennan is on the pages of the Columbus Dispatch.  Voter Fraud Denier Lawrence Norden (deputy director of the “democracy project” at Brennan Center) writes at the Columbus Dispatch:

The fact is, many Ohio residents won’t have one of these IDs. A 2006 national study by the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law showed that 11 percent of voters do not have ready access to these kinds of IDs. That finding is consistent with every independent study before and since, many of which highlight the fact that students, the poor, minorities and the elderly are particularly likely to be prevented from voting by such restrictive laws.

Scare tactics based on flimsy data.  This legislative session, the vote fraud deniers like Brennan and Tova Wang at Demos, have fought efforts to bolster the integrity of elections all across the nation.  They have invented never-before-heard talking points such as the “cost” of voter ID.  Or, “voter ID is a solution in search of a problem.”  The identical Soros-funded talking points regenerate in any state considering voter ID, locally rebranded and passed on through local mouthpieces.

But make no mistake, the opposition to voter ID is pushed by a small group of voter fraud deniers who are out of touch with the overwhelming number of Americans who support voter ID, both Democrats and Republicans.  That the Columbus Dispatch pushes the nonsense adds insult to injury.

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