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Janice Hahn Wins: Trippi Sends Email

Despite some opposition from Craig Huey, Janice Hahn predictably emerged victorious in the CA-36th special election Tuesday. This was Jane Harman’s district and a Republican hasn’t won there since “Hector was a pup,” even though it is home to the offices of PJ Media… oh, well.

Unsurprising as this victory may have been, it generated instant email in my box from Joe Trippi, whose company advised Hahn. (NOTE: I’m not a frequent correspondent of the political pro who is said to have pioneered online campaigning. My last email from him was March 2008.)

We are proud to have been a part of such an amazing campaign team, overcoming a 16-person field in the May 17 special election, then beating Craig Huey in the run-off, despite nearly a million dollars in self-funding from our opposition. Congratulations to Janice and the entire campaign team.

We produced aggressive television ads to generate earned media and shape the narrative of the race, while recommending a heavy mail campaign to target voters in a relatively low-turnout election. Working with a talented and experienced campaign team, including Campaign Manager Dave Jacobson, Pollster John Fairbank, and Consultants John Shallman and Derek Humphrey, the strategy paid off.

We’re excited to be sending Janice’s strong voice to Congress.

Oh, really? I can’t imagine anyone more humdrum than Hahn who is just the kind of by the numbers old line lib pol who is rapidly turning Los Angeles into Detroit. But somehow Trippi – nice guy though he is – still thinks it’s great to have people like that. Winning is everything, I guess.

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