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Democrats bring Jim Crow to Rhode Island

Well, not really, unless you’re Bill Clinton. He seems to think requiring someone to show valid ID before they cast a vote constitutes a return to the Democratic Party’s old racist regime known as Jim Crow. Well, thanks to Democrat votes and an Independent governor’s signature, Rhode Island now requires photo ID to vote. Ergo, Rhode Island is now a Democrat-controlled Jim Crow state, in Bill Clinton’s world.

Democratic House Speaker Gordon D. Fox was one of the co-sponsors of the new voter-identification law, along with Democrat Jon Brien, of Woonsocket, and Republicans Joseph Trillo, of Warwick, and Doreen Costa, of North Kingstown. The Senate version was sponsored by Sen. Harold Metts, a Providence Democrat.

Chafee has not yet spelled out his reasons for signing the legislation. Starting in 2012, voters will have to show some form of identification. By 2014, they will have to show a valid photo ID, or cast provisional ballots that will only count if their signatures match their voter registration cards.

The secretary of state’s office will begin issuing free identification cards next year to people who need them.

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