How To Celebrate 90 Years of the Chinese Communist Party


From today’s New York Times, we learn the following about how some Chinese in Mao’s Hunan province were celebrating the Communist Party’s 90th birthday:


At a nightclub in Changsha, near Mao’s hometown in Hunan Province, D.J.’s stopped the dance music at midnight on Friday as M.C.’s announced it was time to salute the party and celebrate 90 years of prosperity. The entire room began singing and swaying to “Love My China,” a red classic. Then a half-dozen young women, all dressed in tight red skirts and white blouses adorned with red ribbons, jumped on stage and began gyrating around three poles. Slowly they peeled off their clothes, until they were left dancing in red panties and bras.An American visitor asked a waiter about the festivities. “Everyone needs to commemorate the party,” the waiter said.

So one wonders, what would Chairman Mao think?


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