Video: Herman Cain unleashes wicked attack ad on Obama

I mean “wicked” in a good way.

There are aesthetic elements here and there in the ad that don’t work for me, but I’m a very jaded producer. A music build overtaking and replacing the heartbeat would have done wonders. Overall, the ad says two things. One, Barack Obama is a radical whose own words give that game away. And two, Herman is back to raising Cain. The narrative thread of his voice countering Obama’s is a very nice touch.


Herman needs to start raising even more Cain – Michele Bachmann’s rise has come at his expense to some extent, and the Perry buzz may have died down over the past week or so, but a Fox poll has him jumping to second place without even announcing a run. The Iowa Straw Poll is sneaking up on all of us, as is the quarterly fundraising deadline. So it’s a good idea to create some buzz and get some traction. This ad may be a good start.


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