College Democrats release a video so powerful they promptly pull it from YouTube (Update: Video added)

No kidding. Here’s where it was. Where there was a video, there is now only a sad face.

Yeah, sorry about that. It’s currently viewable on NRO’s middle column, about halfway down. It really needs a permalink, but never mind that. Just go watch the video. The participants are so white on the whole that they inspired an Ace Top Ten list. And they’re so lame they inspired a serious smackdown from the Nevada College Republicans.


Once you get past the whiteness, there is the silliness. None of them really have good reasons for being Democrats. One cites Govs. Scott Walker and Rick Perry, har de har.  I guess he doesn’t want a job, or the freedom to get one without having to kowtow to a union. One says he’s a Democrat because — not in spite of — he’s a Christian. That’s a negative reason, perhaps, but not a positive one at least the way he says it. One says she’s a Democrat because “the government should take care of its people.” Hello, welfare state! One talks about the right to a high quality education, which, coming from a party that opposes school choice, is more than a bit rich. The one claiming to fight for those who “don’t have a voice” misses the mark on the Democrats’ unwavering support for abortion on demand.


All in all, that’s one clueless bunch of hipsters in that video. But yeah, they vote.

Update: CDWatch evidently swiped the College Democrats’ video and re-posted it to YouTube. So here it is.

Before anyone gets too mad at CDWatch for swiping the video, I’d like to point out that the Democratic Party seems to have stolen its new logo from a hotel in Houston.


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