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Huntsmania sweeps...

…a few dust bunnies here and there? So Jon Huntsman is officially in the race for president. I’m duty bound to mention it, I suppose.

But honestly, I don’t see the rationale that gets Huntsmania into the White House. He’s a former governor, which Republicans tend to elect, but there are at least two former governors already in the race and a couple more considering getting in, and all have much more mojo than Huntsman. His kickoff at the Statue of Liberty was meant to echo Reagan’s 1980 kickoff, but Reagan never worked for Carter, and Hunstman is no Reagan. Huntsman is a gray moderate in a time when the Republican electorate is looking for sharp, bright lines.


So I don’t get the Huntsman run at all. Who is his constituency, the gutless “No Labels” crowd? GOP liberals? Who has a feevah and Huntsman is the only cure? I have no idea. I know he did well in a straw poll the other day, but those things are always bought. They’re not reliable at all. If they were, Ron Paul would be president today.

He’s not, and Huntsman won’t be. But hey, those motorcycles he’s not riding in his ads are cool. That’s…something.

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