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Michele Bachman orders Ed Rollins to apologize to Team Palin

Really? If so, good call.

When I first heard that Bachmann had hired Rollins, I called it a mistake. I stand by that. Hiring Rollins strikes me as the sort of thing a pol who doesn’t have a great deal of national experience would do. He is a big name and has been around DC for decades, but there is arguably better and more up to date talent out there available. They don’t have the name recognition of an Ed Rollins, but they don’t need it. And hiring a big name carries the danger of that big name overshadowing the candidate they have been hired to manage. That danger is always present with Rollins, because he tends to jump off message without much provocation.

But Bachmann calling him down to apologize, if that’s what happened, shows that she won’t be overshadowed or rolled by him.  So…good call.