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Video: Anthony Weiner's surreal, unnecessary, plotting a return press conference

Here is Anthony Weiner’s bizarre press conference. He seems awfully confident, even cocky, for a guy who has fat-fingered his way into an early and very embarrassing retirement from Congress. I’m sure Momma Weiner was proud to have her son laud her for teaching him “values” while announcing his retirement from the House because he’d been caught dirty tweeting, and had been caught lying through his teeth about it. Theirs must be Addams Family values.

The hecklers generated a knee-jerk smear of Andrew Breitbart on twitter, as liberals tried to attack him even as Weiner’s very presence on the stage vindicated everything Breitbart had said and written about the scandal. As it turns out, the hecklers were from the Howard Stern show. Many on the left will literally never learn not to jump to smearing conservatives whenever a Democrat is in trouble. Never.