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Commenters ripping Sunlight Foundation over searchable 'Sarah's Inbox'

The Sunlight Foundation is proud to have you know that they have taken all those Sarah Palin emails that the media has spent precious time and resources poring over, and made them searchable. Just like Gmail! Woot Woot. Now we can snap right to those juicy notes about who’s taking whom to what hockey game, and whether or not Piper gets a cell phone. Thanks, Sunlight Foundation!

The site’s commenters aren’t amused.

You have just turned this web site into a joke.  Once upon a time I thought you were actually interested in finding fraud in US Government conduct, but the more I check the more I see you focusing on “evil defense contractors,” and now 3 year old email?  What are you people smoking?  I’m dropping out of this joke “organization.”  Get a life (or a real job in the private sector)!


I’m very disappointed in you folks here.

I positively hate the influence Sarah Palin has on our national discourse, but you debase yourselves by jumping on the bandwagon with such trivial things. This would only be worthwhile if something related to Palin obfuscating on an issue had been uncovered.

You should hold yourselves to a higher standard.