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The Bachmann surge discussed on Hardball

The surge by Michele Bachmann was discussed tonight on Hardball by Michael Steele and Jennifer Donahue.  You can watch it here.  All three said Bachmann was the big winner.  Donahue:

She was a Reagan Republican last night.  She talked about the three legged stool.  Nobody else took that opportunity.  Four years ago in the debates all we heard was Republicans wanting to be Ronald Reagan.  She walked in, and she owned it.  She had magnetism. She is a conservative who is a movement conservative.

Donahue’s bio:  Jennifer Donahue has covered national and New Hampshire politics since 1989 as a journalist and academic.  Donahue covered the 2000 presidential race for a New Hampshire TV station, and as an on-air analyst for MSNBC.  Donahue covered the 1996 race for CNN and the 1992 presidential race for C-SPAN.