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Obama: 'If you want partisan rhetoric, I'm not your guy'

Right. Because going to the Texas-Mexico border and sarcastically mocking Republicans for wanting to beef up security wasn’t partisan at all.

Because the “if they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun” wasn’t partisan.

Because telling Republicans to “sit in the back” wasn’t partisan.

Because the endless and lame “ditch” and “drinking a Slurpee” metaphors weren’t partisan.

Because ramming both the stimulus and ObamaCare bills through along party lines and over the objections of majority of the American people wasn’t partisan.

Because “I won” wasn’t partisan.

Jammie Wearing Fool goes down the list of statements President Obama has made that aren’t partisan at all.

Please. Partisanship is among the few things that this president actually knows how to do.