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Romney flies coach

The Washington Times reports aversion to commercial air travel was one of the problems that caused the en masse resignations from the Gingrich campaign.  This is an avoidable and unfortunate source of friction in a campaign.

Recently I flew from Philadelphia to Reagan National in D.C. on a U.S. Airways Embraer 170.  Sitting behind me was Mitt Romney.  Romney was in coach as this aircraft doesn’t have a first class section. 

I will never forget what happened next.  As word spread that the leading challenger to President Obama was on the flight, ground crew members and baggage handlers streamed up the stairs from the tarmac into the plane to get Romney’s autograph. They treated him like a rock star, one after another.  Anyone who has followed the airline’s labor history at the Philadelphia hub knows that the local Philadelphia union is among the most belligerent in the entire commercial aviation industry, nearly wrecking the airline with “sick outs” one holiday season.  If Romney gets the nomination, and the same reception in Philadelphia next November among these Reagan democrats, Obama is in trouble.