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Who were the WI 'protesters' disrupting a Special Olympics event?

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker addressed a group of Special Olympians to congratulate them for their hard work. It was the kind of event that is a feel-good moment for everyone involved.

Until it was crashed by protesters.

Yesterday my radio show was sent the video (the original video is from The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy), which shows a group of protesters dressed up as zombies lined up in front of the Olympians — blocking their view of Gov. Walker while he was delivering his remarks.

When asked about their actions, the protestors were remorseless. One protester (speaking very softly on camera), when asked if what they did was appropriate, said: “That’s why we didn’t come in acting like zombies.”

The protesters are students from the University of Wisconsin, calling themselves the United Council of UW Students.  They have a Facebook page where they discussed their planned “die-in” to protest Voter ID laws in Wisconsin and budget cutting issues within the University system:

After spending the morning taking pictures for a photo-petition on voter id requirements, students will start with a die-in at noon, followed by eulogies and mourners, with students then reanimating to march through the Capitol as zombies.

On their website, they claim their mission is:

To represent all students of the UW System and advocate for them on issues of higher education pertaining to value, quality and the student experience.

Those who visit the website are greeted by a photo of a group of smiling students waving their fists in the air, the same gesture they made in front of the Special Olympians.

If you click on the “About UC” page, you are greeted by a photo of students at what appears to be a rally, with one of the students wearing a scarf that reads “Palestine” in both Arabic and English. The rest of the people in the picture are carrying signs that say “Stand With Wisconsin” and show a giant blue fist.

These signs also have some very small white printing. On other photos, that white printing says, “Wisconsin AFL-CIO.”

The United Council of UW Students has issued a press release regarding their actions in front of the Special Olympians, in which the organization throws its own members under the bus:

To clarify events from today: United Council’s Day of Action around Higher Education Funding and how the Voter ID bill affects students consisted of a die-in and march around the Capitol. Any actions happening later in the day are outside the scope of UC’s day of action and was not endorsed or supported by the organization. If anyone has questions, feel free to give the office a call.

We will be calling, and we will report back here, and on PJTV.

(I broke the story on my radio show on Wednesday, which was broadcast live on In the broadcast I referred to them as “union thugs” and discussed the Collective Bargaining Law.  This was incorrect.)