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Puppy mill law excuse for more government regulation

HB 1451 was shot down during Texas’ regular legislative session, but somebody got it back on the schedule for the special session.

This feel-good law “for the puppies” is really just an opportunity to increase bureaucracy. It will take more bodies to enforce this, or any, new law. That means more hiring during a budget crisis when education funding is in peril.

These victimless criminal laws always have unintended consequences. I know a rancher who lives on a road where people dump dogs they no longer want. Some receive torn toe pads from being thrown out of cars at high speed. Some have heartworm and other diseases. He pays for their vet care.

Some are pregnant females abandoned by lazy dog owners who didn’t bother getting the dog spayed. My friend raises the puppies and finds homes for them. So now he must get a license? He should be rewarded for taking vet care, food and shelter costs of the county rolls. Instead he’ll be punished for running a “puppy mill”.

This bill is now on Governor Perry’s desk. If you expect him to stand for smaller government, contact him now and ask him to veto HB 1451.

How to contact the Governor and ask him to VETO HB 1451:

Go to and click on “Registering Opinion”

Telephone: Opinion Hotline [for Texas Callers] (800) 843-5789 Second Citizens Opinion Hotline [for Texas Callers] (800) 252-9600 Office of Governor Main Switchboard [8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. CST] (512) 463-2000 Office of Governor Fax: (512) 463-1849