The Wives' Tale: Weiner and Strauss-Kahn

What are we to make to make of the fact that Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin was not by his side for his “confessional” press conference today? My guess is that – despite the congressmen’s assurances (who would believe him anyway?) – the marriage is kaput. Either that or Huma is waiting in dread for the other shoe to drop. Underage girls. Sex calls on government phones. Whatever.


Meanwhile, journalist Anne Sinclair appeared with her accused rapist husband Dominique Strauss-Kahn in a New York court room today. They were holding hands on the way in. (See video at the link.)

Simon (very) cheap analysis: Sinclair is trapped with her husband. She has been married to the former IMF chief for years, through many similar (although not as serious) accusations. She cannot plead ignorance to the man’s proclivities. She can only hope… and hope he can prove… he is not a rapist.

Abedin, however, has the luxury of only having been married to wandering Weiner for eleven months. Unlike Sinclair she has deniability and can plead ignorance. My prediction is she will run for the hills – that is if she has an ounce of sense.

Other than Andrew Breitbart, the big winner in all this so far is the Republican Party. As long as the pig-headed Weiner remains in office, the Repubs will be able to exploit his existence for their benefit. (You can bet Pelosi et al are doing their best to get him to resign -behind the scenes, of course.)


Other big loser: CNN. (Can you imagine how much the already languishing network regrets having hired Eliot Spitzer now?)


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