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Poll: Americans choose lunch partner unwisely

Granted, he is the president, which is why most Americans say they would prefer to have lunch with President Obama over any other political figure. But based on his record, Barack Obama is liable to bring Joe Biden along for no apparent reason, push other patrons out of his way, order far more than he can possibly pay for and then stick you and your children and grand children with the tab. If there are any toasts to be made, he’ll botch them. All while blaming the whole debacle on you.

A new Sachs/Mason Dixon poll gets to the heart of the presidential choices in front of us. Who would you rather have lunch with? More than three times as many Americans – 53 percent – would choose to have a one-on-one lunch chat with President Obama over any of the Republican presidential conentenders. Sarah Palin placed a distant second, with 16 percent.

“Overwhelmingly, Americans find President Barack Obama to be the most likable and lunch-worthy date compared to any of those hoping take his job in the 2012 election,” said Ron Sachs, President of Ron Sachs Communications. “There is no baloney in this simple truth: the ‘lunch pal’ poll very likely reflects the significant advantage President Obama enjoys heading into his re-election against a party that has no ‘candidate du jour.’”

One in ten said they’d choose none and prefer to eat alone.

Of the available group, seems to me the choice is easy: Sarah Palin. Whether I’d vote for her or not is hard to say, but Mama Grizzly is easily the most interesting and entertaining of the bunch. Who else has run a state and hunted for and cleaned their own food?