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The Daily Strauss-Kahn

Forget the economy and world affairs, what’s a day without your Strauss-Kahn news? Well, that is the economy and world affairs, isn’t it? Anyway, The Australian is reporting – via Le Monde (France) and L’Observateur de Conakry (Guinea) – that DSK’s defense team already has private investigators in Guinea digging into the complaining maid’s past, trying to get some dirt on her. (Did she know Faye Resnick?… Okay, just kidding.)

Meanwhile, that font of fact, fiction and wisdom the UK Mirror tells us that hush money is being offered the maid’s family over there. The Australian denies this, saying that would be too obvious. PJMedia sources tell us the trial may happen as early as the beginning of September. We can hardly wait.

Oh, and Sarkozy tried to leak a police file with with yet another DSK sex scandal (how many can one guy have?), this one between the former IMF chief and a “tart” in a parked car. And perhaps most disturbing of all, New Vision (Uganda’s leading website, in case you didn’t know) says Strauss-Kahn was out to sink the US dollar. (We thought that was George Soros.)