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EyeOnTheUN goes after the UN's anti-Semitic "anti-racism" conferences in new ad

The ad appears on Roll Call and The Hill today. It lays out the case for the US to stay away from the UN’s Durban III conference this September.

The UN’s ONLY growth industry: Holding racist “anti-racism” conferences
“Durban III,” the next UN racism conference will be held on September 22nd 2011 in New York City. As a world summit for heads of government, it will include Holocaust-denier and nuclear weapons-builder, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, even though he remains focused on committing genocide against the state of Israel. The United States and Israel walked out of the Durban I hatefest held in South Africa in 2001 and refused to sign on to its end product, the Durban Declaration. The Declaration uses false accusations of racism to accomplish Israel’s diplomatic isolation and defeat. The United States, Canada and other Western nations refused to attend Durban II held in Geneva 2009, which reaffirmed its earlier declaration and was headlined by Ahmadinejad himself. Ironically, Durban III is intended to “commemorate” and celebrate Durban I, elevating the very hate that motivates radical Islam in New York City just days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

See the full ad here (PDF). The original Durban conference in 2001 turned into such a ridiculous spectacle of anti-Semitism that the Bush administration walked out on it. The Obama administration boycotted its sequel in 2009, and several European diplomats walked out when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched into an anti-Israel tirade.