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Liberals are the true conservatives

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “conservative” as: “Characterized by a tendency to preserve or keep intact and unchanged…reluctance to make changes.”

Modern liberal/progressives promote a return to feudalism, which has been the prevailing socio-economic system throughout history. Whether you call it socialism, fascism, mixed-market economy, etcetera, the outcome is the same: the few rule the many.

Whether you call it serf, peon, proletariat, or subject, you are a slave. Your future is predetermined. You possess the semblance of “freedom” as long as you remain within the boundaries determined by your “betters”.

Obama is a manifestation of a desire to elect an omnipotent demigod-icon-savior. He appointed a gun control czar and seeks to circumvent Constitutional checks and balances by imposing gun control via executive action. Feudalists keep their slaves disarmed.

Today’s liberal/progressives promote big government and less individual liberty, for the good of the collective. That’s feudalism.

Compared to the oppressive consistency of historical feudalism, the Founders were liberal thinkers who saw the dangers and benefits of earlier thinkers and societies and decided to try something new.

Sensible values like personal liberty, limited government, and free market economics were part of their vision of America. This is the true progressive ideology; just when somebody thinks they’ve built the best mousetrap possible, somebody comes along and builds a better one…as long as they’re free to exercise their God-given gift of creativity.

That’s change you can believe in.