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American Jews: breaking with old ideas

Breaking with old ideas is very hard – for Jews and everybody else. Not everyone is as smart and gutsy as David Mamet (my review of his new book is coming soon to PJMedia). But now we learn, according to Reuters, that Top American Jews ponder support of Obama. These include Ed Koch and Mort Zuckerman, but not, apparently, the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg who gives Obama a pass because that noted humanitarian Yasser Arafat had the same views some years ago (or so the credulous Goldberg believes or wishes to believe).

Another leading American Jew voicing doubts now about Obama is Alan Dershowitz. Will these people ultimately have the courage of their convictions – or are they not as brave (or talented) as Mamet? We shall see. We are back to the 1930s when German Jews thought it couldn’t happen to them.