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Walgreens fires pharmacist who saved fellow employees’ lives

On May 8, Jeremy Hoven, night pharmacist at a Michigan Walgreens store, was working at 4:30 AM when two armed robbers burst into the store. After one manager ran past, Hoven knew something was wrong and tried to call 911. As one robber jumped over the counter with his gun, Hoven, who has a Michigan concealed carry permit, pulled his legally-owned handgun and fired. The robber tried to fire back, but his gun jammed. Within 45 seconds, the robbers fled because of Hoven’s defense.

No Walgreens employees were injured. No charges were filed against Hoven. Hoven and other employees complained about substandard security at the store.

Walgreens’ security manager and district manager both met with Hoven last week to discuss the incident. Monday, they emailed him to tell him he was fired.

Robert Farago at The Truth About Guns wrote that Hoven should have maintained his silence after the incident. Though this doesn’t justify getting fired, it highlights an important issue often overlooked.

Tactical training helps you survive a deadly incident. Have you trained on what to do after a defensive shooting? It could save a lot of grief, too.

Walgreens corporate contact information is here.