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No NFL football, no problem: ESPN tools rank NFL helmet 'power rankings'

And they can’t even manage to get it right. Everyone in the world knows the blue star when they see it. But the Boys only manage sixth place? Please.

In an upset, the Cowboys’ helmet finished sixth. Graham was the lone blogger to vote Dallas’ helmet first.

“I was shocked to see nobody else put the Cowboys at the top of their ballots,” Graham said. “That helmet is the most iconic of them all. The lone blue star is known immediately by grandmothers who never watch football. It’s a classic look that strikes you whether you’re watching from the stands or at home. There’s no tiny print to read, no cluttered symbols to decipher. You see it, you know it. And it likely conjures a visceral reaction whether you’re a fan or not.”

Exactly right. Meanwhile, here is your brilliant sports writer Thought of the Day:

NFC West blogger Mike Sando saw a trend.

“My thought is that success helps a brand become appealing in a lot of cases.”

Ya think?