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New video exposes Islamic extremists in Nashville behind 2009 Little Rock homegrown terror attack

Americans for Peace and Tolerance have just released a short documentary on the extremist leaders in the Nashville Muslim community who created the atmosphere in which Carlos Bledsoe, the Muslim convert who murdered an Army hometown recruiter, Pvt. William Lon, and shot another Army official as they stood outside an Army recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas in June 2009. The filmmakers interviewed Bledsoe’s father, Melvin Bledsoe, who testified before Congress in March about his son’s radicalization at the hands of Islamic leaders in Nashville.

As the film documents, Bledsoe’s radicalization began with his conversion through the auspices of the Muslim Student Association at Tennessee State University and the Islamic Center of Nashville (I’ve written here at PJM on “The Muslim Student Association’s Terror Problem“). One of the leaders at the center, Awadh Binhazim, fashions himself as an interfaith moderate and serves as the Muslim chaplain at Vanderbilt University. But as the film shows, when speaking to Muslim-only audiences, his narrative quickly changes to the necessity of establishing Islam as a political system, particularly the imposition of shariah law, all over the world, and denigrating Christians and Jews. That doesn’t stop the “progressive” religious establishment in Nashville and the local newspaper, The Tennessean, from fawning all over Binhazim and marketing him as an interfaith leader.

If you want to understand the problem of homegrown Islamic radicalization and the outright duplicity of Islamic “outreach” efforts, watch the whole thing:

PS – I’m told that APT has more revelations forthcoming about Bledsoe’s radicalization and the direct involvement of some of Nashville’s Muslim leaders. Stay tuned.