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Photos you won't see on the evening news: Border residents protest Obama, open borders chaos

Here is a photo, taken in El Paso, TX on Tuesday as President Obama was mocking Texans on immigration there. El Paso is at one end of the Texas-Mexico border, while McAllen is down south on the other end. Both cities and everywhere in between suffers from the chaos on the border, as Mexico’s drug war death toll reaches 40,000. Click the photos to enlarge.

I found the photo on facebook, where GOP state House candidate Rebecca Cervera linked to it. Cervera, another potential star in the making in Texas politics, lives in McAllen and deals with border issues and politics every day. Here is her caption for the photo:

To enroll children in my border school district, a citizen is required to present more documentation than illegal immigrants are. English speaking students are also ineligible for programs offered to Spanish only speakers such as full day Pre-K. Even our school teachers can not enroll their kids in these programs and must pay for private Pre-K or daycare while they work. *photo taken by Sammy Carrejo at a demonstration of legal border residents opposing Obama’s immigration policies during his recent El Paso speech.

Translating the signs, the one with the Chevron logo is obvious. Below that one, the sign reads “We’re honest, hardworking, and it’s our money,” protesting taxpayer funds being used to pay for services for illegal aliens. The sign to its right: “We pay too much in taxes!” “No Justice in Social Justice” is dead on truth. And next to her, “We have an emergency in America!”

Here’s another photo from the same protest.

“No More Taxes”

(translations corrected, thanks to Fausta)