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TSA patting down 8-month-olds now?

Yes. Yes they are. Photographic proof here.

The Rev. Jacob Jester wasn’t trying to start anything.

But when he saw security screeners at Kansas City International Airport patting down a baby — a baby — he took a picture. And then he shared that picture on Twitter.

It went viral, and voila: Jester’s snapshot is the flashpoint of the day in the debate over who should be considered a threat to the flying public.

TSA’s response: The security officers were acting according to procedure. Yes they were, and that’s the problem. Where on an 8-month-old can one hide anything more dangerous than a dirty diaper? An 8-month-old is not capable of pulling off the shoe bomb trick.

TSA’s procedures seem to be an exercise in irritating the traveling public to no good end. The figdety Yemeni man gets on his plane unmolested where he can rush the cabin shouting “Allahu ackbar!”, while the 8-month-old traveling with its mommy gets a pat down.