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Time to Educate the League of Women Voters

Legal Insurrection links to an outrageous video being run against Scott Brown by the League of Women Voters which accuses him of wanting to choke kids to death.

A look at their website suggests they are playing the well-known path of “segregating” their political activities from the bulk of their tax deductible operations, a sleight of hand hard to get the IRS to investigate closely:

The League depends on the generosity of individual supporters and members, foundations and corporations to fund its citizen education and advocacy activities.
Contributions to the League of Women Voters® of the United States (LWVUS) provide direct support for the League’s work mobilizing citizens and influencing public policy through advocacy.

Contributions to the League of Women Voters® Education Fund (LWVEF) provide direct support for our citizen education, public engagement and research activities at home and around the world in emerging democracies. Please note that only contributions to the LWVEF are tax deductible.
Contribute Online or by Phone or Mail
You can make your donation to the LWVUS or LWVEF online, safely and securely, or by phone (202/429-1965) to provide immediate support for the League’s work. If you prefer, you can fill out either online form, then print and mail it with your check or credit card information.

I think its time for Republicans to stop pretending this is still a non-partisan organization and to refuse to participate  any further in debates and fora under the League’s sponsorship until the League apologizes for this slanderous campaign and discontinues its partisan pro-Democrat advocacy.