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Legislator concealed carry: Update from Tim Kleinschmidt

Texas legislator Tim Kleinschmidt (R-17), authored HB 1463. This bill is a near-copy of SB 905, which gives special concealed carry privileges to Texas legislators, U.S. attorneys, and certain “noncommissioned employee [not law enforcement] of the Department of Public Safety.

I asked Tim about his bill:

“What’s with HB 1463? Seems like certain people get extra carry rights. Why shouldn’t I get to carry into a bar, too. I don’t drink.”

He replied:

“We will try to use this (originating from Sen Patrick) to broaden the CHL [concealed handgun licensee] carry options. Watch for amendments.”

Apparently, legislators who have traditionally been friends to gun owners may be planning to use SB 905 as a wedge.

Stay tuned, and stay involved. Have you called your representatives today?