The PJ Tatler

Schumer's superhero name - Awareness Boy!

I awoke this morning to read the news on the Tatler that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants to institute a “no ride” list for Amtrak trains in light of the information that has come from killing Bin Laden.  Amongst the things seized from Bin Laden’s disgusting, rancid compound were indications that Al-Qaeda was targeting rail in the United States.

So, Schumer – like all super heroes – took decisive action!  He immediately decided that instead of further attacking, disabling and flat out killing radical Islamists while forcing the rest of them to live their days in squalor, that he would attack the real enemy – the American People!  For what better way to try to convince the American populous that rail is the preferred method of travel than to institute the kinds of checks that we now see at airports!

Did our newly-minted super hero not realize that trains were already an area that could be affected by terrorism?  Is Schumer not aware that bridges and tunnels are also probably on the terrorists’ list of “fun things to try and destroy”?  Is the Senator not aware that the TSA keeps no one safe and is simply a smoke screen that tries to lull Americans into a false sense of security, while, in actuality, the TSA is engaged in the terrorizing of fellow citizens?  Is the Senator from New York aware that once you get outside of New York and DC, trains aren’t very popular?  (Is the Senator aware that there is a country that exists past New York and DC?)

Worry not, America.  Awareness Boy is here!  You can now rest easy.