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The President’s “current relationship with cocaine”??

Andrew Breitbart appeared on C-SPAN and was asked by the interviewer “what is your current relationship with alcohol.”  Breitbart’s answer is worth watching.  After explaining how everyone should have fun when they go to college in New Orleans, Brietbart asks, “would you ask Barack Obama in an interview with him, would one of your ten questions to Barack Obama be ‘what is your current relationship with cocaine?’”   Of course everyone knows the answer.  Watch the retreat by the interviewer.  Breitbart’s latest book, Righteous Indignation details how to “Schwarzkopf” (my words) unfair tactics and questions like this one.  Whip around the questioner (or to Stormin’ Norman, the Iraqi army) and show up behind them and attack.  For too long too many have merely smiled and deflected these unfair questions, or politely provided milquetoast answers, accepting the premise of the question.