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Bin Laden raid conducted with stealth helicopters

I wish we didn’t know about this part of the mission. I want the photos of the terrorist and the raid video that’s said not to exist, but I don’t want the world to know that we have operational stealth helicopters, to go along with our fleet of stealth fighters and stealth bombers.

It’s really not good for our enemies to contemplate the now incontrovertible fact that we can send swarms of extremely efficient and lethal commandos into any pit anywhere in the world, riding to do their deadly deeds aboard silent flying death. Not good. The thought that squads of highly trained men from places like Alabama and Texas might just show up at any moment, in the dead of night, aboard swift machines that make no sound and until now leave no trace might prove too much to bear. No, I don’t want Kim Jong-Il or Mad Mahmoud to have to think about that when they tuck in for the night. Not at all.