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$25,000 cash award offered for voter fraud information!

I’ll wager you’ve never seen that headline before.  After all, the lightly-funded opponents of real voter fraud always seem to be up against the George Soros funded voter fraud deniers.  So it comes as no surprise that the reward is for information to overturn the results of the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  The wanted poster is from the “Velvet Revolution,” a name chosen either out of ignorance or with a twisted sense of irony.

The press release from the Velvet Revolution (USA version) wants information on fraud that leads “to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons for election tampering, resulting in reversal of the current outcome of the April 5, 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election in which David Prosser is said to lead JoAnne Kloppenburg by more than 7,000 votes.” (fantastical italics added).

I’ve asked the “Velvet Revolution” (USA version) who is providing the reward money.  When (if) I hear back, I’ll report.  In the meantime, feel free to make your guess in the comments section below who might have twenty five large to overturn the results of the Wisconsin Supreme election.